Tips on different ways for growers, distributors, retailers and consumers to reduce food waste and save costs associated with wasted food.

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Understanding the Food Recovery Hierarchy

The EPA created the Food Recovery Hierarchy to help those in the food system prioritize different methods for managing surplus food. Items at the top are higher priority and have the largest socioeconomic benefit, while the items at the bottom are not preferable.
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What is Dynamic Routing and How Does it Work for Fresh Produce?

Dynamic routing involves determining the best route for something based on the current set of conditions. In the food supply chain, an example would be sending fresh produce to retailer sites based on the expected shelf life of the produce. This ensures that the food nearest to expiration goes to the closest stores and spends the least time in transportation until it is on the shelf.
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11 Methods to Reduce Food Waste for Retailers and Distributors

Reducing food waste is an important initiative for retailers and distributors because of the socioeconomic and environmental benefits it provides. However, it can be easy to get lost in all of the solutions available. This post is to provide 11 methods to reduce food waste and the order of importance in doing so.