Food Waste Prevention for Retailers

As a retailer, you’re focused on providing the freshest produce to your customers and minimizing the food you waste. These two goals can be reached by managing the freshness of fruits and vegetables you accept and display. That’s why we’re enabling you to protect your brand reputation and prevent food waste by knowing the shelf-life of your fresh produce.


Only Accept High-Quality Produce

Make sure you are receiving fresh produce that meets a minimum shelf-life standard.

Reduce Your Food Waste

Empower your employees to make decisions that increase the chances of products getting sold and consumed.

Impress Your Customers

Sell high-quality produce that doesn’t spoil right after customers buy it.

Avocado ripeness scanner

No more squeezing for the consumer, less waste, higher service level

How could you benefit from shelf-life prediction?

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OneThird is reducing food loss and waste by giving anyone the power to instantly make smarter decisions about fresh produce.

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