30 Day Food Waste Challenge

Here at OneThird we are focused on reducing food waste in the world.

Our technology is typically used by companies in the food supply chain, but we believe consumers, such as yourself, can have a huge impact on this issue. Food waste is an issue that everyone plays a part in. The largest percentage of waste in the American food system occurs at homes, with 27 million tons of waste, or 43%, of all waste (ReFED 2016). On top of this, it’s costing consumers $161 billion dollars! For perspective, that is about $1,600 for a family of four.

The environmental benefits of not wasting food are also huge. Food takes up the most space of anything in landfills and generates about 7 percent of all greenhouse gases.


We’ve created the 30 Day Food Waste Challenge

So you can learn new ways to recover your food, saving yourself money, and reducing your carbon footprint as a result. Complete all 30 items within 30 days of starting the challenge to successfully complete it. Below is a helpful PDF that you can use to keep track of your progress and link back to this page for help (Free Download). Feel free to go out of order as necessary. Be sure to use our hashtag #30dayfoodwastechallenge in all of your social media posts and see what everyone else who has completed this challenge has done! Also please share this challenge with friends and family for some healthy competition.


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