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Applications Across the Supply Chain

Companies in each part of the food supply chain suffer from food loss and waste. OneThird offers quality assessment and shelf-life prediction for each quality check from farm to fork, digitizing current processes and saving up to 50% of labor.

Combining quality data assessment from across the supply chain, unveils quickly potential issues during transport or storage and optimizes choices for origins, varieties or growing methods throughout the season.



Adopt a cost-effective way to install a digital and real-time quality system without the need for destructive assessments or outsourcing expensive tests. Have simple to use online dashboards for immediate insights into growing conditions and outgoing quality.

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Growth Management
Group 420
Real-time Quality Assessment
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Customer Allocation Decisions


Real-time assessment of incoming quality of produce and allocation to various end-customers and varying requirements. Trend analysis of various suppliers, origins and varieties for smarter purchase decisions. Optimized allocation avoids customer rejects and thus costs and waste.

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Implementing FEFO Instead of FIFO
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Real-time Shelf-life Assessment
Dynamic Routing


Fast incoming quality checks at DCs. Digitized visual inspection. Receive produce with actual best-before dates on packaging. Use dynamic pricing strategies to optimize buying patterns of consumers and minimize last-mile waste. Provide consumers with better alternatives for squeezing avocados.

Quick Shelf-life Prediction
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Visualize and Share Data in the Cloud
Dynamic Routing

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