The shocking truth

We were all shocked to find that one third of all food produced in the world is wasted. It’s since been our mission to fix this. We even named ourselves after this fact. We were formed in 2019 in a digital incubation hub for Halma, a FTSE 100 company, and are backed by Ocean Insight, the leaders in applied spectral knowledge. In the last two years, we have raised $2M+ in funding to develop technology and algorithms ideal for reducing waste in the food supply chain. We are backed by Pymwymic, SHIFT Invest, Oost NL and Halma PLC.


Towards Smarter Supply Chains

Our solutions for growers, distributors and retailers allow for high-accuracy shelf-life prediction of produce at any stage of the supply chain. This ensures the right product gets to the right place at the right time.

With expertise in spectroscopy, data analysis and biology we are positioned to make a large economic and environmental impact.

Using our passion and creativity, we deliver meaningful solutions to improve sustainability efforts, feed those in need and save customers money.

Our foundation

Our purpose

Create a world without food waste and promote a fair food system.

Our mission

Provide you with predictive real-time shelf-life information of fresh produce. Creating actionable insights to support you in preventing food waste towards reaching SDG12.3: Halve food waste by 2030!

Our vision

Become the objective standard for assessing quality of fresh produce from farm to fork, enabling and empowering smarter fresh produce supply chains.

We’re called OneThird now.
What will we be called in the future?


Let’s get in touch

OneThird is reducing food loss and waste by giving anyone the power to instantly make smarter decisions about fresh produce.


Capitool 56, 7521 PL Enschede,
The Netherlands


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