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Q: How does your technology work?

You hold our handheld scanner against a fruit or vegetable. Within a second, you will see the estimated shelf-life on a connected smartphone. Immediately you will see suggested actions for that batch. Will it survive a long-haul shipment? Should it be sent to a customer that’s closer?

Q: How do you know the shelf-life of my fruits and vegetables?

Every piece of fresh produce has a unique spectral fingerprint. We have collected a vast amount of spectral data for many different varieties and maturity levels. Our system combines this with other data sources and uses AI algorithms to analyze the data and determine what the expected shelf-life is.

Q: How accurate are your shelf-life predictions

Our shelf-life predictions have an accuracy of +/- 1 day.

Saving calculator

Calculate your potential savings with OneThird's innovative solutions. Find out how reducing food waste can impact your bottom line, both financially and in terms of CO2-emissions.


30 day food waste challenge

Discover thirty ways you can reduce your food waste over thirty days. Start the #30dayfoodwastechallenge at any time!

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