Tips on different ways for growers, distributors, retailers and consumers to reduce food waste and save costs associated with wasted food.

OneThird selected for EIT RisingFoodStars Association

OneThird has been selected for the EIT Food’s RisingFoodStars Association together with another 15 European agtech and foodtech impactful scaleups. Being part of the network, OneThird will receive guidance and support from already established…

Editie NL - OneThird

The Dutch national TV show EditieNL came by to talk about how OneThird can help to avoid us squeezing avocados. Predicting the internal quality (ripeness/freshness) of avocados using near-infrared cameras or scanners. Thanks for dropping …

OneThird raises EUR 1.5 million in funding round to reduce food waste

Enschede, April 2021 – The Dutch Food Tech company OneThird raises funding of 1.5 million euro from investors SHIFT Invest and Oost NL. The equity raised will be used to accelerate the development of OneThird’s fresh produce quality…

Tips for Reducing Thanksgiving Food Waste

Each year, about 200 million pounds of Thanksgiving turkey turns to food waste. Meanwhile, this year, we are seeing extraordinary circumstances. Feeding America reports that 50 million people faced food insecurity this year. The lines for food…

Plastic and Food Waste Guest Blog: Kristin Cole

Plastic and food waste often go hand in hand but can be tricky to navigate. How do we reduce plastic and food waste in our own kitchens? When we shop for groceries? When we're just out and about? Kristin Cole is a chef, educator, and…

World Food Day 2020: Guide to Action

World Food Day 2020 is October 16th, and 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. What is World Food Day? On World Food Day 2020, governments, businesses, NGOs, the media, and the general…
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Getting to Know Tyler Scheviak

Tyler Scheviak joined us as part of his Halma Future Leaders Program, where he spends six months at each of four different Halma companies. This Q&A is a reflection of his six months here and the work he contributed to our mission.
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What to Do With Items Failing and Exceeding Produce Specifications

Customers demand high-quality fresh produce, and it's your job to get it to them. That's why you have produce specifications. They help ensure you are consistently getting fruits and vegetables that meet your standards. This blog post will explain what you can do with above-spec and under-spec fresh produce to maximize the benefit to the business.
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Why is Preventing Food Waste Important?

We waste around $1.9 million of food per minute. Preventing food waste is critical to the future of a healthy planet and human race. Learn more about the importance of preventing food waste in this blog post.
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10 Tips to Reduce Food Loss and Shrink When Shipping Fresh Produce

Some amount of shrink is inevitable when shipping fresh produce. It's also a direct result of cost-cutting in many cases. However, if you can reduce the amount of food loss you have then there is a direct way to improving profitability. If you're ready to prevent food waste and give your customers fresher produce, then read on for 10 actions you can take.

How to Reduce Household Food Waste with Smoothies, Vegetable Juices, and Sorbets

If you have perishing fruits and vegetables in your kitchen that you would normally throw out, try making smoothies, vegetable juices, and sorbets to reduce household food waste. In the U.S., 40% of food is wasted, and much of this waste…

The Secret to Fresher Produce for Online Produce Delivery

It's hard to get high quality produce to every online produce delivery customer. Learn about the secret to fresher produce.