Friends of Champions 12.3

OneThird is officially included in the network of Friends of Champions 12.3! Our association with this group focused on achieving United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 is an important step in our journey to help halve global food loss and waste by 2030. With membership in this group, we have opportunities for collaboration and networking with other companies with the same mission as us.

Who are Friends of Champions 12.3?

Champions 12.3 is the group of CEOs working to achieve UN’s SDG Target 12.3. The Friends of Champions 12,3 network features companies and organizations that are contributing to the worldwide momentum on this issue to halve food loss and waste.

What is OneThird’s Mission?

OneThird’s mission is to implement a platform for objective quality assessment across the supply chain to enable smart decision-making. In turn, this data-driven approach will reduce food loss and waste in every area of the food value chain.


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