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Introducing Jake, a dynamic and passionate individual who has worked in various roles within the fresh produce supply chain. Jake's journey began almost a decade ago, with one of his earliest memories centred around meticulously inspecting avocados and strawberries in quality control. Little did he know that this would be the seed for a career now dedicated to transforming the industry through innovation and technology.

As a sports enthusiast, with a particular love for the people’s game (football), Jake brings the spirit of teamwork and determination to his professional life. With a keen eye for detail cultivated through his sports and professional background, he has now found his niche in the fresh produce sector.

Throughout his journey, Jake has not only witnessed the evolution of the industry but wants to take an active role in propelling it forward. As Sales and Business Development Manager for OneThird in the UK & Ireland, his aim is to encourage supply chain stakeholders make smarter decisions by leveraging AI to predict ripeness/shelf life, assess produce items non-destructively and digitize quality parameters. This forward-thinking approach not only ensures the delivery of top-quality produce to consumers but also contributes significantly to reducing food waste!

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