You hold our handheld scanner against a fruit or vegetable. Within a second, you will see the estimated shelf life on a connected smartphone. Immediately you will see suggested actions for that batch. Will it survive a long-haul shipment? Should it be sent to a customer that’s closer?

A: Every piece of fresh produce has a unique spectral fingerprint. We have collected a vast amount of spectral data for many different varieties and maturity levels. Our system combines this with other data sources and uses AI algorithms to analyze the data and determine what the expected shelf life is.

A: The “end of life” determination is up to you and your company. You can use our default settings or you can recalibrate this to your own standards.

A: Our shelf life predictions have an accuracy of +/- 1 day.

A: One scanner can be used for all types of fresh produce. However, because different varieties of fruits and vegetables have unique chemical compositions and ripen differently, the setup is specific to individual varieties. We use our expertise in biology, data, and spectroscopy to turn this complex data into simple solutions for your unique varieties and applications.

A: Yes. OneThird’s data scientists ensure you get industry-leading shelf life predictions by developing unique models for each variety. You wouldn’t want to compare apples and oranges with the same data model! Also, new varieties similar to those already in our database may require less setup time.

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