Tips on different ways for growers, distributors, retailers and consumers to reduce food waste and save costs associated with wasted food.

Ultimate Guide to Fresh Produce Shelf Life Prediction
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The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Produce Shelf Life Prediction [With Free PDF Download]

You want to cut food waste and ensure your customers get the freshest possible produce. Shelf life prediction is a great way to do both. In this ultimate guide, we describe the different types of shelf life prediction, the benefits of using it, how to successfully implement it, and the future of the technology.
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Getting to Know Niek Kolner

Niek Kolner is a dedicated lab technician for OneThird. We sat down with him to learn more about his background and motivations. What’s your role at OneThird? I'm responsible for analyzing fresh produce daily and developing new analysis…
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What is Objective Quality Control?

We often hear about subjective and objective fresh produce measurement, but if you aren't clear on what each means you may miss out on critical information. This blog post describes the definition and gives some examples of each.

Getting to Know Remco Horstink

The OneThird team works hard to bring our shelf life prediction technology to the world. We sat down with Remco Horstink, our bright R&D engineer, to learn more about him.
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Why You Need to Use FEFO for Fresh Produce

If you work in a facility that handles perishable goods of any kind, there's a strong chance you hear the terms "FEFO" and "FIFO" thrown around. In our experience, there are misconceptions about FIFO versus FEFO. This blog post is meant to provide clarity on the differences and discuss what you need for a true FEFO operation.

How Shelf Life Prediction Can Help Fresh Produce Suppliers

Shelf life prediction is a technology that has a vast number of applications. It's been our mission to reduce food loss and waste with it. We've had conversations with people in the supply chain and understand from their perspective what exactly matters to them. Here, we'll discuss some of the insights we gained by speaking to over 15 different growers and producers from around the world.
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What is Fresh Produce Shelf Life Prediction?

To make things simple, fresh produce shelf life prediction tells you when individual fruits or vegetables will expire. There are a few methods of doing so, but all help to prevent food loss and waste and improve freshness.
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Different Ways AI is Used in the Food System

AI's usage has been growing because of the benefits that businesses see, especially in the food system. There are some technologies, like high-speed sorting and shelf life prediction, that can only AI can do. We detail some of the ways the food system benefits from AI.
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9 Methods to Extend the Shelf Life of Fresh Produce

There are a lot of causes for a reduction in shelf life. This post details nine ways you can combat these factors to extend the shelf life of your fresh produce.
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Food Waste Guest Blog: Eden Owen-Jones

Eden Owen-Jones volunteers with food waste organizations in the South of England. In this post, she covers her own experience with food waste.

Food Waste Guest Blog: Julian Martinez, UCI

Julian Martinez is a senior at the University of California, Irvine, where he is currently working as a food waste ambassador. 
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4 Different Types of Shelf Life Prediction Technology

We discuss the different types of technologies for predicting shelf life in fresh produce and what to look for in a solution. The best choice of technology depends on the application it is used for, and it may be best to combine technologies.