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What to Do With Items Failing and Exceeding Produce Specifications

Customers demand high-quality fresh produce, and it’s your job to get it to them. That’s why you have produce specifications. They help ensure you are consistently getting fruits and vegetables that meet your standards. This blog post will explain what you can do with above-spec and under-spec fresh produce to maximize the benefit to the business.

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10 Tips to Reduce Food Loss and Shrink When Shipping Fresh Produce

Some amount of shrink is inevitable when shipping fresh produce. It’s also a direct result of cost-cutting in many cases. However, if you can reduce the amount of food loss you have then there is a direct way to improving profitability.

If you’re ready to prevent food waste and give your customers fresher produce, then read on for 10 actions you can take.

Getting to Know Niek Kolner

Niek Kolner is a dedicated lab technician for OneThird. We sat down with him to learn more about his background and motivations. What’s your role at OneThird? I’m responsible for analyzing fresh produce daily and developing new analysis techniques. I provide the data input for our data scientists to create their algorithms that predict shelf […]