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Collaboration with Wageningen University & Research

OneThird has been working together with Wageningen University & Research on non-destructively assessing taste of fresh produce, as an alternative for costly and slow taste panels. Such that we can provide our customers shelf-life prediction and taste -two holistic quality parameters-in real time. Improving efficiencies in the supply chain and thus preventing food waste. Read […]

OneThird live at radio show 1Twente Enschede

OneThird reached the Chamber of Commerce top 100 list of most innovative companies. The regional radio show 1Twente Enschede invited us to tell  more about our food waste preventing solution. On top of that, a live demo was given to inspect ripeness levels in avocados! Check out the video above via YouTube. Our international guests […]

OneThird selected for EIT RisingFoodStars Association

OneThird has been selected for the EIT Food’s RisingFoodStars Association together with another 15 European agtech and foodtech impactful scaleups. Being part of the network, OneThird will receive guidance and support from already established industry leaders. Being part of the EIT community also enables us to expand our view and access to scaling up, internationalisation […]

Editie NL – OneThird

The Dutch national TV show EditieNL came by to talk about how OneThird can help to avoid us squeezing avocados. Predicting the internal quality (ripeness/freshness) of avocados using near-infrared cameras or scanners. Thanks for dropping by!